Research Interests

  • Urban transportation planning and system analysis: Transportation network modeling and optimization, equilibrium-based traffic assignment, network design and highway improvements, network reliability, travel demand analysis and management, econometrics, discrete choice modeling, evacuation modeling, and roadway congestion pricing;
  • Transportation system operations and control: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic simulation, traffic operations, active traffic management (VSL, ramp metering, and managed lanes), bottleneck identification and mitigation, congestion and reliability performance measures, and work zones;
  • Operations research and its applications to the multimodal transportation systems and asset management: Decision making (routing and scheduling) in bus and rail transit systems, non-motorized transportation (carsharing, bike-sharing, and bicycle planning), fleet utilization measurement and management, and pavement rehabilitation and maintenance optimization;
  • Transportation data acquisition and statistical analysis using SAS/R/Matlab: Traffic sensing and GPS/GIS data collection and analysis, traffic operations and safety data analysis, travel behavior modeling and demand forecasting, fleet equipment & pavement life cycle modeling;
  • Optimization and simulation computer software development using C/C++/Java: Large scale bus transit route network planning and optimization, fleet equipment cost forecasting and replacement optimization, traffic assignment and simulation of large scale transportation networks.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. –Joshua J. Marine