Research Projects


Mission Critical Operator Curriculum and Articulation Development

As part of a Department of Labor grant, UNC Charlotte is working with a consortium of community colleges to develop a stacked and latticed curriculum for an associates Mission Critical Operations delivered at the community colleges.  In addition, we are establishing pathways for MCO graduates with an associates degree to transfer those credits towards earning a 4-year degree at UNC Charlotte.



Dr. Williams has worked with Optimax on projects at the intersection of additive manufacturing and optical fabrication.

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Ocean Energy Power Takeoff Using Magnetic Gears 

Dr. Williams has worked with Dr. Jonathan Bird in magnetic gearing projects sponsored by the UNC Coastal Studies Institute as well as the Department of Energy.  His contributions have focused on mechanical analysis, modeling, and testing, and manufacturability.



NASA Robotic Mining Competition

The NASA Robotic Mining Competition is an annual event that challenges students to design and build a robot that will compete in a simulated Martian environment at Kennedy Space Center.  Students encounter real world design challenges related to robotics, teleoperation, automation, and maneuvering in a challenging terrain.  UNC has participated in each of the 6 competitions, thanks in large part to support from the North Carolina Space Grant.




Robotic Mining Competition Senior Design and Team Grants