Casey graduates and migrates west for the summer


Casey Nichols was one of the Mechanical Engineering Technology graduates at this Saturday’s commencement ceremony.  Casey has been an undergraduate research assistant in the magnetic gearing research group for the past year, funded by both the NC Space Grant and the UNC Coastal Studies Institute.  This summer he is interning at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) in Boulder, CO.  Casey will be back though as he continues work on his master’s degree in the fall and from the looks of the travel pictures he still has his eyes on places to install some magnetic gearboxes.


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Waterpower Week in Washington

Kang and I are back after attending Waterpower Week in DC.  There were some great presentations and posters in the sessions and it was great to see a large number of familiar faces from the NC Renewable Ocean Energy Program.

Kang Li presenting at a Marine Energy Technology Symposium session in Washington DC, 2018.

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UNC Charlotte Students Heading to a UK Rail Challenge in May

Noah Weiss and Mick Mohr are heading to the UK this May to represent UNC Charlotte at the International Mechanical Engineering Society Railway Challenge.  Take a look at the link below and consider a donation to help them with incidentals related to this travel as they represent the university with the hard work that has gone into their senior design project. 


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NC Renewable Ocean Energy Symposium

The magnetic gearing research group made the journey to Wanchese, NC to attend the 7th annual NCROEP Symposium.  It was a great chance to meet with students and faculty from NC State, UNC, and ECU.

Sina and Kang

Casey and David

Dr. Williams and the students.

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New Journal Publication in IEEE Explore


Our article “A Magnetic Gearbox With an Active Region Torque Density of 239 N·m/L“, will be published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications in the March/April issue.

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Hydropower Conference in Charlotte this Summer

HydroVision International

June 26-28, 2018


HydroVision International 2018 Young Professionals Flyer (4)



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Silicone Molding-First Steps

It was pretty exciting this week as we took our first steps in silicone molding of test pieces.  The master was made on the Carbide desktop CNC out of Renshape prototyping board (which cut beautifully).

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