Alumni Ventures

It’s always good to hear from alumni that are doing exciting, creative, technical things and this past week brought a couple of gems to my attention.

8lincoln30 is a company founded by Jeremy Calamusa (UNC Charlotte alum) and his brother Jason here in Charlotte.  Avid makers, they have amassed an impressive portfolio of interesting projects that they have worked on to date.


Longtime research assistant (undergrad and graduate) David Barnett is also offering his design and making skills down in Florida now, so I look forward to see what new projects he brings to life.



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Hiring for Hydro Power Events in early Dec

For students who are job hunting, this would be a good virtual event to attend.—students.html


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Realtime Wave Conditions at Jennette’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier has a new SOFAR buoy deployed to give localized measurements in preparation for the Waves to Water DRINK Stage Competition in April 2022.


SOFAR Bouy Dashboard for Jennette’s Pier

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Mechanical Engineering vs. Mechanical Engineering Technology

I get the question all the time about the comparison between ME and MET.

I thought this blog post did a solid job laying out the similarities and the differences:


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WaterBros has a website

Landon has worked in some web development during his vagabonding around the American west and we now have a website:


Expect more content to come as we continue to work on the Waves to Water ADAPT stage.

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Marine Energy Collegiate Competition Submission Due on 30-September

Just a reminder that the DoE Marine Energy Collegiate Competition is accepting applications (5 pages) through September 30th.  This is a good opportunity to get insight into marine renewable energy research and a student team from NC A&T State university made a strong showing last year.  I think UNC Charlotte students are poised to make a similar showing, so contact me if you are interested in participating.


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Undergrad Research Assistants….Upgraded

With all of the uncertainty out in the world these it is nice to have some familiar faces returning this Fall.

Peter and Tyler graduated with BS MET degrees back in May and supported the magnetic gearing research team through design and manufacturing on a number of fronts during the 2019-2020 school year.

Lucky for us, both decided to pursue their MS in Applied Energy and Electromechanical Systems.

Peter will continue working with me on magnetic gears and power take off research, while Tyler has joined Dr. Elizabeth Smith’s team looking at augmented reality technologies.  They were solid as undergrads, so we have nothing but high hopes for these new graduate research assistants.



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