Dr. Chris Tyler, now at Boeing, performing a milling experiment


135 Duke Centennial Hall

Telephone: (704) 687-8229


Visiting faculty/students

None at this time


Undergraduate students

Mike Stokes, Matt Zullo

Mike and Matt are studying reaction foil bonding in collaboration with Siemens.


MS students

Emma Betters

Emma is studying drilling dynamics in collaboration with KIMM.


Christoph Kossack

Chris is studying friction measurement using a displacement-based approach.


Amogh Pawar

Amogh is testing wound debridement devices to measure the pressure and application time.


PhD students

Ryan Copenhaver

Ryan is studying modulated tool path turning dynamics using an orthogonal cutting setup based on tube turning in collaboration with Y-12.


Michael Gomez

Michael is studying hybrid manufacturing (combination of additive and subtractive processes) in collaboration with NIST.


Andrew Honeycutt

Andrew is studying milling dynamics, including different bifurcation types, and strategies for improved efficiency in collaboration with GE Global Research Center.

Andrew Honeycutt, PhD student

Andrew Honeycutt, PhD student









Former students

University of Florida
Kevin (Chi-Hung) Cheng, Litz Hitech, Taiwan

Uttara Dani, GE Global Research Center

Scott Duncan, Valparaiso University (Mechanical Engineering Department Chair)

Arthur Graziano, Exactech

David Hix, Department of Energy

Lonnie Houck, Ansaldo Energia

Duke Hughes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Matthew Johnson, Caterpillar

Hyosoo Kim, Samsung Electronics Memory Semiconductor Manufacturing Center

Lee Kumanchik, Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, University of Bremen, Germany

Mohammad Kurdi, Ford

Nathan Mauntler, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Mark Pope, Arcadia Aerospace

Kevin Powell, Ansaldo Energia

Krithika Prabhu, taskrabbit

Andrew Riggs, ProtoLabs

Matt Rueff, Exactech

Raul Zapata, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Jun Zhang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


UNC Charlotte

Arpit Barani, Caterpillar

Vasishta Ganguly, ASML

Andrew Honeycutt (accepted offer from Makino after May, 2018 graduation)

Jaydeep Karandikar, GE Global Research Center

Kadir Kiran, Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey

Christian Lomascolo, IST Precision

Saurabh Landge, PFC Brakes

Joyson Menezes, Fiat Chrysler Automobile

Mark Rubeo, Moore Nanotechnology Systems

Mehdi Salehi, University of Karlsruhe – Technology and Economics, Germany

John Troutman, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Christopher Tyler, Boeing Research & Technology, Metallic Processes and Fabrication Group