Dr. Chris Tyler, now at Boeing, performing a milling experiment


135 Duke Centennial Hall

Telephone: (704) 687-8229


Visiting faculty/students

None at this time


Undergraduate students

Mike Stokes

Mike is studying hybrid manufacturing.


MS students

Ryan Copenhaver

Ryan is studying modulated tool path turning dynamics using an orthogonal cutting setup based on tube turning.


Michael Gomez

Michael is studying hybrid manufacturing (combination of additive and subtractive processes).


Christoph Kossack

Chris is studying friction measurement using an energy-based approach.


Amogh Pawar

Amogh is designing and building a wide bandwidth cutting force dynamometer.


PhD students

Corbin Grohol

Corbin is developing a new wire arc additive manufacturing process.


Andrew Honeycutt

Andrew is studying milling dynamics, including different bifurcation types, and strategies for improved efficiency.

Andrew Honeycutt, PhD student

Andrew Honeycutt, PhD student