Research symposium

Fall 2017 MEES PhD Research Symposium

12:30 pm to 3 pm, Friday, December 1, 2017 in 1249 EPIC

All are welcome to attend.


MEES PhD students will present the current status of their research to the undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty. It is an opportunity to both showcase research results and exercise presentation and writing skills. The presentation format is timed oral with supporting slides (text, graphics, and videos, if desired). The allowable time for each presentation is five minutes. Each presentation is accompanied by a 200-word abstract. All abstracts are collected into a proceedings.

Fall 2016 Proceedings

Fall 2017 Proceedings


Faculty/staff/students will assess the presentations using the scoring rubric. Prizes will be awarded to the top three presentations. Scores are entered in the online form below the scoring rubric. 


Scoring rubric

Points Topic
10 Introduction – research objective
5 Agenda – presentation organization
25 Research description – provide a clear discussion of the research, techniques, and results
5 Conclusions – summarize the research and outline next steps, if applicable
10 Slides – font size, figure quality, clarity
55 points possible  
Presentation review