ETEE 2213: Introduction to Microprocessors


                                                                                         The William States Lee College of Engineering

                                                                                        The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

ELET 2231

Instructor:        Stephen J Kuyath

Phone:             704.687.4799

Email Address:


ELET 2231 Information:   Syllabus

Downloads:   AVR Studio 4.13 (from Atmel ? you must register to download)

                     Installation Guide

Useful Information: ATmega128 Manual (Complete)

ATmega128 Summary

AVR Addressing Modes/Instruction Set

Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment

Pololu AVR Library Command Reference

Pololu AVR C/C++ Library User’s Guide


Presentation Link

Presentations: Class Introduction

                      Topic 1: Introduction to AVRs

                      Topic 2: AVR Architecture

                      Topic 3: Addressing Modes

                      Topic 4: Instruction Set

                      Topic 5: Program Template

                      Topic 6: Program Example 1

                      Topic 7: Time Delays

                      Topic 8: Binary Addition

                      Topic 9: Program Example: Select the LEDs

                      Mid-Term Practice Exam

                      Answers to Practice Exam

                      Mid-Term Exam

                      Topic 10: 7-Segment LEDs

                      Topic 11: Subroutines

                      Topic 12: Logic Gate Tester

                      Topic 13: Square Waves

                      Topic 14: Motion Control

                      Topic 15: Burglar Alarm

                      Topic 16: Interrupts

                      Topic 17: Asynchronous Serial Communications

                      Topic 19: Pulse Width Modulation

                      Topic 20: LCDs

Homework Assignments:     Due Dates            Topic & Link

                                          See Bb               HW1 and AVR Studio Tutorial

                                          See Bb               HW2: The AVR Instruction Set

                                          See Bb               HW3: Chasing Lights

                                          See Bb               HW4: Binary Addition

                                          See Bb               HW5: 7-Segment LEDs


 Project Assignments:        Due Dates            Topic and Link

                                        April 28                Final Project

                                                                    LCD Information

                                                                    LCD source file for 3pi

                                                                    PWM Init & Move routines (ASM)



                                      Class Videos         Class Video