Homework 14 Hints

ETEE 1223 Homework 14 Hints 

I.   Remember each coil involves 2 terms, one from the self
     inductance and one from the mutual inductance.  You need
     to watch those dots pretty carefully to get the correct
     sign on the mutual inductance term.  Remember the mutual term
     is the voltage on your coil caused by the current in the
     OTHER coil.
     Answers: I2= 4.398 angle -40.43
              P = 386.8 W

II.  This one is tricky because in loop 2 you have both coils.
     You will have to be VERY careful in order to get the loop
     equation written down correctly.  There are 2 terms for each coil
     plus a term for the 444 ohm resistor, giving a total of 5 terms.

     a. M=0.272 H
     b. j80, j320 and j136 ohms.  Put these on your circuit diagram
        to do part c.
     c. I2 = 14.25 angle 20.  (If you get this right, you can be
        proud of your ability to handle mutual inductance problems!)