Courses Taught

ENER 6260: Computational Fluid Dynamics for Energy Applications

This course introduces the use of commercial CFD codes to analyze flow and heat transfer in energy related problems. Finite difference and finite volume methods, SIMPLE model for incompressible flow, models of simple geometries are developed and studied, post processing and visualization. Overview of turbulence and turbulence modeling.

Prerequisites: ETGR 3171 and ETME 3133.


ETME 3133: Fluid Mechanics

This course introduces the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics. Topics include: manometry, buoyancy, forces on submerged bodies, boundary layers, flow over surfaces, Bernoulli’s equation with applications, orifices, pipe losses, and an introduction to hydrodynamics.

Prerequisite(s): ETGR 2101 with grade of C or above.
Corequisite(s): ETGR 2171.


ETME 3100: Junior Design Practicum

This course is a Junior-level design studio focused on a more complex, but still completely defined, thermo-fluids and energy system-based design challenge. Projects are completed in teams (2-3) and introduce students to group project dynamics, advanced machine shop techniques, data acquisition and analysis. Also reinforces topics learned in previous courses such as the design process, project management, formal report style writing, math modeling (Excel, MATLAB, MathCad and EES), documentation generation (Drawings + Procedure), final project demonstrations, and analytical modeling.

Prerequisite(s): UWRT 1102 with grade of C or above and ETME 2100.
Pre- or Corequisite(s): ETME 3143.
Corequisite(s): ETME 3100L.


ETME 3150: Applied CAD Modelling and Simulation

A continuation of ETME 1112. Introduces the use of some of the tools available for the analysis of parametrically-constructed CAD models. Topics include: the finite element method, finite element analysis (FEA), the use of FEA for stress analysis, thermal analysis, and motion studies, and the important distinctions between FEA results, theoretical results, and experimental results.

Prerequisite(s): ETME 1112 with grade of C or above; ETME 2102; and ETME 3123.