Sports Cars

Here are some of my sports cars. Missing are a Mazda RX-7, and Audi Quattro, a BMW 2002 and a couple of Porsches.

The first was a 1969 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spider.

The second was 1973 Lotus Europa JPS (John Player Special)

I’ve also had many Porsches.  I had this one in college and painted the car and the Martini stripes myself.



The orange one became a 914-6.

About 1985, I had a white 931 Turbo.  Here I am (with beard) at a track event with some friends including Doctor Day (without hat) with his white Porsche 911 (as I know it we weren’t doctors then but are all doctors today).


My favorite car to drive was a boring looking four door 1984 Audi Quattro sedan.  It won three driver championships, one with me and two with my wife Bridget at the wheel.


he black one is a 911 Cabriolet.