Legal Documents (Lawsuits, Joint Venture Research, Regulatory Agencies)

Tkacik P.T., “Hazardous Materials Review of Caraustar Products” Internal Scientific Study for Customer CONEG Requirements, Caraustar, December 2005.  coneg letter


Tkacik P.T., “Height of Prickly Protuberances” Internal Scientific Study for Patent Infringement Lawsuit, Caraustar, December 2005.  Height of Prickly Protuberances


Tkacik P.T., “Confidentiality Agreement Between Caraustar ICPG and the Double E Company” Confidentiality Agreement Doubl E 22 Dec 04  Legal Document Written for Joint Venture Research Program Between the Two Companies, Caraustar and Double E, December 2004.


Tkacik P.T., “Review of Competitor Patent for Avoidance of Infringement (5,393,582)” Internal Intellectual Property report, Caraustar, March 2003.


Tkacik P.T., “Guilford Mills Supplier Certification Assessment Research and Development” Internal legal report for Customer Certification, Caraustar, May 1998.