Industrial Career

Caraustar Industries                                                1996 – 2006

VP Engineering/Technology                           1997 – 2006

Manager of Corporate Engineering                1996 – 1997

Responsibilities included guiding Caraustar’s core engineering group in Design and Upgrade of Production Machinery for Caraustar’s 50+ facilities, P&L for the Central Machine Shop, Customer Support, Overseeing of Product Purchasing and Capital Expenditures, Corporate R&D, Intellectual Property, Quality Control and Waste Reduction.  Caraustar is a vertically integrated 100% recycled paperboard company with $300 million in sales in spiral wound paper cans, tubes, & cores.

  1. Reduced Engineering cost 73% per facility over ten years.  Upgraded quality and capacity at facilities in four countries growing from 30 plants in 1996 to over 50 today while maintaining a budget at 1996 levels.
  2. Dramatically Expanded Caraustar’s Research and Development program into Ultra-High-Speed machinery, Frequency and Signature Analysis, Radial Crush Analysis (an industry leader), High Speed Video Analysis, Dynamic Load Analysis, and Environmental Testing at both Temperature Extremes and Humidity Extremes.
  3. Chaired the Industry Standards Board, of the CCTI, the can and tube industry standards group from July 2001 to 2005
  4. Provided customer solutions monthly by researching and resolving the source of product problems, coordinating mutual development of new products, and expounding on Caraustar’s ability to produce technical products
  5. Improved the output and quality of manufacturing through technical innovation using engineers in the US and Canada, including installations and troubleshooting.

International Paper, Raleigh Technical Center      1994 – 1996

Product Manager                                               1994 – 1996

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Manager           1995 – 1996 (concurrent)

Responsibilities included the support of two product lines of web-fed aseptic food packaging machines (as with the ‘Juicy Juice’ product).  This included directing the global food science research and engineering development.

  1. Product Manager for an installed base of over 80 production filling machines on four continents
  2. Introduced New Products with higher speed and CE Mark compliance and an tamper resistant capping machine to mate with the Liter size brick
  3. Maintained Regulatory compliance through requirements and implementation of ISO, FDA, and CE Mark

Michelin Americas R & D Corporation              1982 – 1994

Senior Development Engineer                      1993 – 1994

Research Scientist                                       1988 – 1993

Test Engineering Manager                           1985 – 1988

Machine Designer                                       1982 – 1985

Responsibilities included the development of machine-based and vehicle-fleet tire testing programs for improved result confidence and throughput.

  1. Designed and created tire rolling resistance machine which increased production by 20%.
  2. Conceived and developed a tire wear model which delivers detailed tread wear analysis 91% faster than standard industry tests.
  3. Reducing costs and improving quality by developing an electronic circuit monitoring system of vendor testing fleets for tire wear.
  4. Increased range of laboratory test equipment which eliminated need to purchase a second machine saving $200K.
  5. Managed Engineering/Technical group for three years.
  6. Analyzed bearing/shaft failures, established and monitored the correct repair to ensure vendor compliance, resulting in an 83% improvement in efficiency.

Bechtel Power Corp., Gaithersburg MD., Modeler; Nuclear Power Plant modeler and evaluated computational models of piping systems. Summers, 1974 – 1980.