WordPress Lunch and Learn Agenda

About Me

  • Member of Mosaic Computing Team. 12 years at UNC Charlotte. Manage 30 Dept websites in Joomla, all Oracle and MySQL databases, 70 WP Faculty sites, 20 WP student org sites

About WordPress

Overview of WordPress

  • Is it a blog or a website?
  • What do I need to manage a site or post content?
  • Does it work on a Mobile Devices and/or Tablet?
  • Logging in
  • Dashboard and Overview of the Menu system
  • Posts vs Pages: What is the difference?
    • Posts have Tags and Categories, Pages do not.
    • Pages are for “static” webpages, Posts are blog entries (date/time)
  • Media Library
  • Links
  • Comments
  • Appearance
    • Themes
    • Widgets
      • Adding/Removing Widgets
      • Changing the Order
    • Menus
      • Changing the Order of the menu items
      • Removing a menu item
      • Adding a custom link
      • Added a Post category
      • Creating Sub-Menus
    • Background
    • Header
  • Editing a Post
    • Tags
    • Categories
    • Revisions
    • Author
    • Comments
    • “Slug” / Permalinks
    • Status: Publish vs Draft
    • Visibility: Public, Private, Password
    • Formatting
    • Images
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Other Files
    • Featured Image

Advanced Features

  • WebForms in WordPress using Formidable Forms: Use for webforms on your site?
  • Integration of Google Calendar
    • How to do it (get code from google, paste it in HTML mode, do not chg)
    • iCal Events List Plugin
  • WordPress Apps for Mobile Devices: http://en.support.wordpress.com/apps/
    • Get App for device, enable XML-RPC (Settings -> Writing), config app
    • Ideas for the use of this
  • WordPress blogging client apps for the PC:
  • Integration of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Photo Gallery
    • Album vs Gallery
    • Upload single photo, upload bulk images
    • How to show a gallery or album on a page or post
    • How to re-organize your photos




Suggestions for Additional Features, Tips


Sharing of ideas

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Social Media integration links

I’ve just enhanced our WordPress sites by automatically including social media links to Facebook, Twitter and more on all posts and pages for every site.   Now people viewing your content can “Like” your content on Facebook or can tweet a link to your content via their twitter feed.

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Which Faculty and Staff have a WordPress site?

Do you want to know which COE faculty and staff have a site on our WordPress network?

It’s simple, just click on the “Sites” link up on the menu, or you can go directly here:  https://coefs.uncc.edu/sites/

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Upgraded to WordPress 3.1.1

I upgraded our WordPress network to 3.1.1.    Read all about it:  http://wordpress.org/news/2011/04/wordpress-3-1-1/


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Web Calendar integration

Would you like to do more than just display a webcalendar on your WordPress site?   Now you can do just that.   Recently, I installed a plugin called AMR ical events that enables you fully integrate any ical-based webcalendar (apple, google calendar, etc..) with your site and display the upcoming events from your calendar in a widget or page on your site.

It’s easy to do, just go here for more information:   http://icalevents.anmari.com/amr-events/amr-ical-events-list/ or get in contact with me.

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New release – WordPress 3.1

I just upgraded our network to WordPress 3.1 which is a big release containing many new features and improvements.

Read the articles below to learn more and then login and check it out for yourself.





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Mobile Apps for WordPress

WordPress now has an app for almost every mobile device – not just the Apple geeks.   Now Android, Nokia, and Blackberry users can go mobile with WordPress.  Go here: Apps for WordPress

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Test post from LiveWriter client app

This is a test of the free Microsoft LiveWriter client for posting to WordPress and other blogging systems.  hmmm, I don’t see any more formatting tools here than what standard WP has and ScribeFire has….. yet people were bragging on this tool for use with WordPress.  It has extra plugins – one of which is to do Tables, yet in the comments one guy said it’s not needed anymore….

At first, it didn’t appear to have a table feature… but it does after all.

Have to click on the “insert” on the menu and then click on the table icon.   Seems to be pretty functional:  Easy to create a custom table, populate it, as well as go back and edit it, add/delete rows and columns, etc…   One thing though…. while the resulting post shows the “border” between each cell, it doesn’t display the border cell within the tool (which gave me the impression that it wasn’t going to do it – but I published the post and I see that it actually displays it on my post on my WordPress blog.    Weird, but okay.

Would also want the table icon to display on the standard toolbar within LiveWriter.   Though I guess it’s fine to just remember to click the “insert” on the menu first to get to it.

If you right-click on the table icon, you can choose to add the insert table icon to the “quick access toolbar” which is displayed (very small I might add) at the very top of the Windows LiveWriter window.

Food Animals Technology
bagels chickens computers
french fries birds ipads
ice cream turtles mp3 players

Shortcut keys in LiveWriter

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Test from the free WordPress App for the iPhone, iPod Touch

This a quick test of posting using the free iPhone app for WordPress. Very cool! Just go to into the Apps Store in iTunes to install it.

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Table Support and much more via WP Super Edit Plug for WordPress

The editor that’s built into WordPress currently does not have table support (though you can create tables via HTML code).   So, I’ve done the research and found a great free WP Plugin called “WP SuperEdit” and have deployed it to our WP installation.

We now have full table support and much more functions via this enhanced editor.   Login to your WP site and check it out.

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