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08/2020: News and Features

INSIDE UNC Charlotte


09/2019: CONGRATULATIONS Adeola for winning the first price at our CEE Graduate research Symposium………Keep it up!

(In pic : Adeola with her award and CEE Graduate Director and Associate Chair Dr. Jim Bowen)

4/28/2017: Brandon presented a poster at The UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). More information about the poster session can be found at

CONGRATULATIONS BRANDON for winning the “College of Engineering award”………………Best wishes for the future !


Fall 2020: Welcome Md Ariful Islam Juel (Ph.D. student) joining our research group

Summer 2020: Visva B Barua joined our lab as a research scholar, Welcome Visva!

09/2019: Sol Park and Adeola Sorinolu participated in our department (CEE) first Graduate Research Symposium

06/2019: Sol Park present her research progress on project ” “Environmental Buffers Affecting Variability of Antibiotic Resistant Genes” at Water Microbiology conference, Chapel Hill, NC

Spring 2019: Adeola Sorinolu joined our research group

Fall 2018: Welcome Sol Park joining our research group.

06/2018: Research work presented by Fateme at ASM Microbe 2018 Conference, Atlanta, GA on poster titled “Effect of Heavy Metals on Antibiotic Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Plants”

05/2018: Minal Zagade presented her work on ““Survey of microbial communities in biofilms formed on inside walls of children’s drinking water bottles”, at NC Microbiome Symposium, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Research Triangle Park, Durhum, NC,

05/2018: Fateme gave a presentation on ““Performance of Activated Sludge Bioreactor for Removal of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Presence of Heavy Metals” at the Water Microbiology Conference at Chapel hill, NC.

11/13/2017: Fatema presenting a poster at NC AWWA-WEA conference at Raleigh, NC

5/5/2017:  Fateme presenting a poster at 9th Annual Graduate Student Poster Competition (Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science, The William States Lee College of Engineering) at UNC-Charlotte.

Welcome to the Environmental Microbiology Lab at University of North Carolina-Charlotte !!!