Siemens #FUTURE Makers Fellowship


SIEMENS #FUTUREMAKERS FELLOWSHIP AT The University of North CarolinA at Charlotte

 SIEMENS strives to find technology-based solutions that help shape a better future and seeks to engage two PhD students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to be one of its #FutureMakers.



 Automated Processing, Visualization, and Analysis of Volumetric 3D Data for Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Service Processes

The purpose of Siemens Fellowship is to foster the creation of innovative ideas and pivotal technologies that transform the worlds of industrial automation, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and beyond. It will provide funding to a doctoral student to allow him/her to prioritize and focus on interdisciplinary research in automated processing, visualization, and analysis of volumetric 3D data. In particular we would like to focus on new methods that address advanced manufacturing, engineering, and service processes.



Advanced manufacturing and repair technologies, like Additive Manufacturing require much more focus on upfront simulation, in-situ process monitoring, and post manufacturing performance prediction than today’s conventional manufacturing processes.  The underlying reason is the extremely high degree of freedom offered by these technologies, which for example allow us to explore a much larger design space than ever before. To exploit this new freedom in an effective and productive manner, a strong and continuous link between design, manufacturing and component performance needs to be established. Obviously, this requires a data structure and architecture that allows us to continuously store, organize, learn from (optimization) and update the data generated during these different phases. At the same time, the structure needs to reflect the actual components produced to make the collected data useful, interpretable, and applicable along the component life cycle.

Siemens FutureMakers Fellowship Announcment