File Submission

For a part or assembly to be considered for additive manufacture, the student must submit the file(s) in the correct format to WebHW. The WebHW course for sumbmission is MEGR3999 and the sections relate to the design course.

  • ENGR1202 : 120
  • MEGR2156 : 215
  • MEGR3156 : 315
  • MEGR3231/3232 : 323
  • MEGR3255/3256 : 325
  • MEGR3355/3356 : 335
  • Undergraduate Research – U01
  • Graduate Research – G01

Each part must be submitted separatelyone STL per submission. In addition, each part file must be paired with the spreadsheet request form found on moodle:

  • choices for color and material
  • number requested
  • price quote obtained online


Do not zip/combine/compress files these files – submit STL and Spreadhseet separately into the same assignment on WebHW.


Be sure the spreadsheet is submitted with the appropriate part. Both will be renamed upon submission to track  production.