Healthcare/Environmental Monitoring

SERRS/SEF nanobiosensor
We combined surface plasmon and aptamer of oligonucleotides for a novel biosensor platform for a simple and single-step strategy of nanobiosensors. The aptamer is specifically bound to targets, and consequently induces its conformation change upon the binding event. At the same time, the conformation change is reported by signal reduction amplified by surface plasmon on gold-nanoparticles (ACS Nano 2012; 6:7607-7614, Nano Letters 2008; 8:4386–4390).
We are currently expanding this strategy to target other disease markers or pollutants in a multiplex manner.


Electrokinetic Sample Preconcentration
Electrokinetic Sample Preconcentration
We present a method combining surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy to detect charged biomolecules in a label-free way with an electrokinetic preconcentration technique (electrophoresis) to amplify biomolecular signals at low concentrations (Lab Chip 2009; 9:3360-3363).
We are currently expanding this preconcentration technology to target other disease markers or pollutants in a multiplex manner.