Principal Investigator

Hansang Cho, Ph.D. CV
Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte
Dept. Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science (Biomedical Engineering Div.) at UNCC, Dept. Biological Sciences at UNCC, The Nanoscale Science Program at UNCC
Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science at UNCC
UNC Charlotte, 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223
Woodward Hall 481C, Duke Centennial Hall 233
phone: 704-687-8496, fax: 704-687-8345
Visiting Research Scientist for Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research & Technology,
National University of Singapore
Ph.D.     Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley (2010), UCSF/UCB Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering, Advisor: Prof. Luke P. Lee, PhD
Thesis: “Biologically Inspired Microfluidics and Nanobiosensor” 
M.S.     Mechanical Design & Production Engineering, Seoul National University (1998)
Advisor: Prof. Jongwon Kim, PhD
Thesis: “Dynamic Modeling of 6 DOF Parallel Mechanisms for Machine Tool
B.S.     Mechanical Design & Production Engineering, Seoul National University (1996)

July 2017 –   Visiting Research Scientist for Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research & Technology, National University of Singapore
2016.04 –     Graduate Faculty, The Nanoscale Science Program, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2015.06 –     Graduate Faculty, Ph.D. Program in Biological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2014.08 –     Faculty, Mechanical Engr., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2010.08 – 2017.05: Visiting Scientist, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Field of Study: Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation
2010.09 – 2014.08: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Shriners Hospital, Field of Study: Cellular Interactions in Cancer, Neurodegeneration, & Inflammation
2007.03 – 2010.08: Student Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Field of Study: Spectroscopy for Bimolecular Detection
2007.03 – 2010.08: Student Researcher, Center for Biophotonics, Science and Technology at University of California, Davis (Field of Study: Raman Spectroscopy)

2003.01 – 2010.07: Research Scientist, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Field of Study: BioMEMS, Supervisor: Tae Song Kim, Ph.D.
2000.01 – 2003.01: Team Manager, Biomedlab Co.
Field of Study: Artificial Heart Division
1999.03 – 2000.01: Researcher, Biomedlab Co.

Field of Study: Artificial Heart Division
1998.05 – 1999.03: Design Engineer, Hyundai Motors Company

1996.03 – 1997.02: Research Staff, Engineering Research Center for Advanced Control and Instrumentation, Seoul National University

Honors and Awards
– Targeted Research Internal Seed Program by Charlotte Research Institute (2017)
– Seed fund from Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science, UNC Charlotte (2016, 2017)
– Mentorship for Summer Program: CRS (2015, 2016, 2017), CCS (2016), SREU (2016)
– Cure Alzheimer’s Fund award (2015, 2016, 2017)
– CRI Duke Energy Special Initiatives Funding award (2014)
– US-Korea conference 2012 young generation fellow (2012)
– MGH-ORCD research fellows poster celebration award of ‘Poster of Distinction’ (2012)
– Korean-American professional community in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals(KASBP)-Green Cross Fellowship, invited talk (2011)
– The first place in the Bears Breaking Boundaries competition under the category of Neglected Diseases (2008)
– Lawrence scholar program fellowship (former SEGREF) from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2007)
– Scholarship supported by the Korea research foundation grant funded by the Korea government (MOEHRD) (2005)
– Fellowship supported by Intel Inc., “SERS-CD Platform for Quantitative LPA (Lysophosphatidic Acid) Analysis” (2005)
– Korean government scholarship for Korean students for overseas studies (KGSO) (2005)
– Graduation with cum laude from Seoul National University (1996)
Research Interest
– Brain-on-chips for systematic biology of neurodegeneration and neurovascular disorders
– Nanoplasmonics for neurological sensors
– Healthcare diagnostic and environment-monitoring platforms and sensors
Social Activities
– Scientific Reviewer Officers (SRO) in the Early Career Reviewer (ECR) program at the Center for Scientific Review (CSR), National Institutes of Health from 2016 to present
– Grant peer review for National Centre for Replacement, Reduction and Refine-
ment of Animals in Research (NC3R), UK from 2016 to present
– Review Editor for the Frontiers Community in Neural Technology from 2016 to present
– Associate editor of American Journal of Nanotechnology from 2016 to present
– Editorial board member for Journal of Engineering and Science from 2016 to present
– A committee member of Korean Association of Charlotte Scholarship Award from 2014
– A member of the Society for Neuroscience in 2012 to present
– A member of the Biomedical Engineering Society in 2006, 2011 to present
– A member of Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals from 2011 to present
– A member of Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association from 2010 to present
– An associate member of American Association for Cancer Research in 2010
– A member of New England Bioscience Society from 2010 to present
– A member of AAAS/Science Program for Excellence in Science from 2005 to 2009
– A member of Biophysical Society in 2006
– A member of Korean Life Scientists in the bay area from 2005 to present
– A member of American Society of Artificial Organs in 2001
– A member of Korean Society of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2001
– A councilor of Korea Society of Medical Biological Engineering from 1999 to 2002
– A member of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society from 1999 to 2003, 2005
– A member of American Society of Mechanical Engineering from 1996 to 2000
– A representative of KOLIS (Korean life scientists in the bay area) at UC Berkeley in 2009
– A representative of Department of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering at Seoul National University from 1995 to 1996