Two Charlotte Research Scholarships 2016 Summer (

– area: Brain-on-Chips (hypoxia chip), Plasmonic Sensor (brain sensor)

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (

– starting from summer 2015, $300k for two year (direct cost)

– area: Brain-on-Chips

Federal Work Study for Jonathan Piland (

– starting from fall 2015, extendable through spring 2016

Postdoctoral Fellowship from Korean Government for Dr. Joseph Park 

– starting from September 2015 for one year

– area: Brain-on-Chips (3D Alzheimer brain model embeded microfluidic platform for the development of neuroinflammation mediated activatable nanoprobe)

Charlotte Research Scholarship 2015 Summer (

– given to Isaac Wetzel

– area: Brain-on-Chips (BBB chip)

DUKE ENERGY SPECIAL INITIATIVES FUND from Charlotte Research Institute (

– starting from Dec. 2014, $125.8k for two years (direct cost)

– area: Brain-on-Chips, Optofluidics

Startup Fund (

– area: Brain-on-Chips, Optofluidics, or/and Healthcare/Environmental Monitoring