Recent Publications

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Bong et al., “Synthesis of Cell-Adhesive Anisotropic Multifunctional Particles by Stop Flow Lithography and Streptavidin-Biotin Interactions” Langmuir, 2015, accepted.
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H. Cho et al., “Three-Dimensional Blood-Brain Barrier Model for in vitro Studies of Neurovascular Pathology,” Sci. Rep. 2015, 5:15222
tauS. Takedaa et al., “Neuronal uptake and propagation of a rare phosphorylated high-molecular-weight tau species derived from tau-transgenic mouse and human Alzheimer’s disease brain,” Nat. Comm2015, 6:8496
Y. Hori et al., “FDA approved asthma therapeutic agent impacts amyloid β in the brain in a transgenic model of Alzheimer ′s disease,” JBC 2015, 2090: 1966-1978
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H. Cho et al., “On-demand, Competing Gradient Arrays for Neutrophil Chemotaxis,” LOC 2014, 14:972-978
S. H. Baik et al., “Migration of Neutrophils Targeting Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model,” Neurobiology of Aging 2014, 35: 1286-1292
B. Hamza, et al., “Retrotaxis of Human Neutrophils during Mechanical Confinement inside Microfluidic Channels,” Integrative Biology 2014, 6:175-183