Dr. Fareena Saqib

I’m  an  Assistant  Professor  in  the  Electrical  and  Computer  Engineering  Department  at  the  University  of  North  Carolina at  Charlotte    since  Fall  2017.  Before  joining  UNCC,  I  was  an  Assistant  Professor  in  the  Department  of  Computer Engineering   and   Sciences   at   Florida   Tech   from   2014   to   2017.   I   received   my   Ph.D.   in   Electrical   and   Computer Engineering  from  University  of  New  Mexico,  where  I  worked  with  Prof.  Jim  Plusquellic  on  Within-Die  Delay  Variation Measurement  And  Analysis  For  Emerging  Technologies  Using  an  Embedded  Test  Structure.  I  received  my  M.Sc.  in Computer Engineering from University of New Mexico in 2010.I  am  serving  as  Guest  Editor  for  Cryptography  Special  Issue  on  PUF-Based  Authentication,  Member  on  technical program  committees  of  leading  conferences  and  workshops.  I  am  also  Vice  Program  Chair  of  workshop  for  women  in hardware  systems  security  (WISE),  Organizer  for  summer  camp  for  girls  in  collaboration  with  the  GE,  IEEE  Secratery  of chapter  of  IEEE  at  UNC  at  Charlotte,  reviewer  for  a  number  of  specialized  publications,  and  NSF  Panelist.  She  is  a senior member of IEEE.

Research Interests:

My   research   is  focused  on   design   of   security   and   trust   hardware primitives  including  Physical  unclonable  Functions  PUFs,  True  Random  Number Generator   TRNGs   and   design   of   embedded   security   frameworks   to   support higher  levels  of  security  and  cryptographic  engines.    The  areas  include  hardware and embedded security.

IoT security, hardware security and trust

Supply chain risk management and security

Physical unclonable functions (PUF) based authentication.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

High   performance   computing   and   hardware   accelerators   design   using FPGAs for small and resource constrained embedded electronic devices.