Sand Table Progress

It’s starting to look like the picture!

We used SolidWorks to make a model of our sand table design. This allowed us to verify the dimensions (so that it fits through doorways) and ensure we ordered the right materials.

The Kydex has been molded into the tub and Worbla was used to fill the vertical seams and finish the top edge. The wooden table is complete:

The last steps are the metal structure to hold the electronics and the castors to make it more mobile. Check back soon to see the final table in action.

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Time to Build a Sand Table

The materials are arriving and we are ready to build. If you’ve never seen an augmented reality sand table you can see the original one at

Unlike the previous tables, we are building the tub (the part the holds the sand) out of thermoplastic. This week we experimented with the ways to heat, manipulate, and bond the material.


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BioGears Conference 2020

Although it was a virtual conference, I had a great time seeing and hearing about all the new work in the BioGears human physiology engine since my time on the project.

The slide decks and talk videos are available at:

The conference covered the evolution of the engine since the program began in 2013, technical sessions on the use of the engine, and application based talks.

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