Test automatic video embed feature

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This is a classic rock-n-roll song from Heart from youtube:



Here’s another one from Boston from youtube:


here’s an internal video file:





Test pingback

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This is a pingback test.

link to Sharon’s new cool post.    Will it pingback????

Testing image map

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this is clickable

Steelers host Bengals at Heinz Field

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I’m going to watch the Steelers spank the Bengals this weekend:   Steelers host Bengals at Heinz Field.

Test post from LiveWriter client app

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This is a test of the free Microsoft LiveWriter client for posting to WordPress and other blogging systems.  hmmm, I don’t see any more formatting tools here than what standard WP has and ScribeFire has….. yet people were bragging on this tool for use with WordPress.  It has extra plugins – one of which is to do Tables, yet in the comments one guy said it’s not needed anymore….

At first, it didn’t appear to have a table feature… but it does after all.

Have to click on the “insert” on the menu and then click on the table icon.   Seems to be pretty functional:  Easy to create a custom table, populate it, as well as go back and edit it, add/delete rows and columns, etc…   One thing though…. while the resulting post shows the “border” between each cell, it doesn’t display the border cell within the tool (which gave me the impression that it wasn’t going to do it – but I published the post and I see that it actually displays it on my post on my WordPress blog.    Weird, but okay.

Would also want the table icon to display on the standard toolbar within LiveWriter.   Though I guess it’s fine to just remember to click the “insert” on the menu first to get to it.

If you right-click on the table icon, you can choose to add the insert table icon to the “quick access toolbar” which is displayed (very small I might add) at the very top of the Windows LiveWriter window.

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Shortcut keys in LiveWriter

New Test Post from ScribeFire-Next

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I’m testing scribefire vs Microsoft Windows LiveWriter 2011 blogging tools to see which one works better and has more features.  Particularly of interest is formatting features – like tables.

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