Research focuses on precision surface generation and evaluation. Traditional polishing techniques are employed to generate smooth surfaces on glass, crystalline and bio-ceramic materials. Advanced metrology systems are used to evaluate the polished surfaces, systems used include optical and confocal microscopes, profilometers, interferometers, and an atomic force measurement (AFM) system.

Industries interested in the work include: Optical component manufacturers, laser system manufacturers, semiconductor fabrication companies using CMP. A sector that is becoming more interested in engineered surfaces is the Bio-medical sector. As a result my research is expanding to develop expertise in polishing bio-materials such as ceramic bone graft materials.

The list below highlights the main thrusts of the research group:


  • Novel Techniques to Detect Subsurface Damage in Laser Crystals
  • Dynamic Analysis of Polishing Tool Materials
  • Vibrational Analysis of Polishing Systems
  • Vortex Polishing
  • Flexible Polishing Platform for Multiple Applications and Materials
  • Robust Form Measurement by Combining Optical Scattering and Photogrammetry
  • Removal of Mid Spatial Frequency Errors on Components for Optical Applications
  • Vibrational Finishing of Metals


More details on all of the above sections will be added over the coming months. If you are interested in one or more of the above topics feel free to email me for details.