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SHARP – Yet another ridiculous acronym for  “So here’s another Rendering Program”

I have customized the program for the explicit purpose of visualizing 3D implicit surfaces and for the evaluation 3D research algorithms which are being developed in the SHAPE Lab.

Revision History

Date Rev Description
May 16, 2004 0.5-alpha Just created the web page to finally start documenting this program.
July 22, 2004 0.5.1-alpha Added MicroScribe 3D mouse interface support.
September 19, 2004 0.5.2-alpha Added Markov Random Field surface modelling support.
November 28, 2004 0.5.3-alpha  Added Surface geometry graph-based computations which allow for ridge extraction and approximate geodesic computation via Dijkstra’s graph algorithm.
December 18, 2004. 0.6-alpha Added 3D support and many classes which allow for sculpting and surface ridge computation.


Javadoc generated documentation


Here is a list of Java applets and servlets which are publicly accessible:

Date Documentation Function
July 2000 Docs are on page Fits 2D polynomials to submitted data files and presents coefficients and an image of the fit.
August 2000 Sorry! No docs Allows the user to scribble points onto a canvas and then perform various polynomial fits to the specified data.
November 2002 Solves scalar conservation law problems with various numerical schemes (still in progress)