Grants and Contracts Awarded

Successful Grants and Contracts Awarded Since August 2007:

  1. (PI) “Increasing Enrollment and Retention in the College of Engineering Using a Multi-Disciplinary Motorsports Theme”, 20090148: funded by the National Science Foundation. This work provides a two pronged approach by attracting the best and brightest high school seniors and engaging them thoroughly in their freshmen year, May 2009 through May 31 2012 with Professors Warren, Kim, and Pugalee for $1,089,606 (awarded). A follow up program (Mod 3) continues this work for $283,983 (awarded) with Professors Warren, Lim (new), and Pugalee (also new), June 1 2012 through May 31 2013
  2. Co-PI) “A Novel Experiment for High Reynolds Number Flow Past Tandem Cylinder Configurations” With Drs. Ramaprabhu and Uddin for $16,200 (awarded).
  3. (PI) “Doppler Blood Pressure Probe” 2012015 Carolinas Medical Center Proposal for $10,680 (awarded).
  4. (PI) “The Science of NASCAR” Will be teaching a course to select community wide K-12 school teachers through a program call the Charlotte Teachers Institute (CTI), in the Fall of 2012. Funded release time $15,000 (awarded).
  5. (PI) “Hydrokinetic Energy System” 20110660 Coastal Studies Institute NSF Proposal – With Dr’s. Uddin, Keanini, Evans, and Sleiti for $50,000 (awarded).
  6. (PI) High Speed Video Research Facility: This proposal is to provide a powerful High Speed Video tool, funded by the NC General Assembly.  It is for faculty research and to improve the curriculum for students in North Carolina for $49,000 (awarded).
  7. (PI) CRI, Design, fabrication, and testing of a Hydro Power Generation System facility at UNC Charlotte $3,000 (awarded).
  8. (Co-PI) Water Tunnel Test Facility: The focus has been on the design and construction of the new water tunnel.  This is the fifth largest in the nation with respect to flow rate.  The primary research topics are the efficiency advantages of schooling in biomorphic swimming shapes (robot fishes), the correlation and validation information with computational models, and several race car studies.  It will also provide a tremendous undergraduate research experience.  Initially funded through Faculty Research Grant (FRG) with Prof Kelly of $12,000, (awarded and completed).  Second source of funding through competitive proposal at June 2008 “One Time Funding” of $50,000, (and completed).
  9. (PI) 20080363 Vehicle Restraint System Engineering Analysis: The focus of the effort has been on the restraint of motorsports vehicles in the new $80 million Wind Shear wind tunnel.  Wind Shear has requested services and provided funding on three separate programs.  Initial funding of Race Car Restraint System analysis of $7,000, (completed).  A second research project (Mod 1) was for a vibratory modal analysis (frequency analysis) of the restraints and was for an additional $7,546, (completed).  A third project (Mod 2) included a collection of wind tunnel instrumentation studies during the acceptance for an additional $11,950, (and completed).
  10. (Co-PI) Phase III: Reducing Fleet Operations Costs: The focus of this effort is on the improvement of fuel efficiency in city vehicles and the reduction of maintenance costs, 20070029 To the City of Charlotte, with Prof. Cuttino for $75,238, (and completed).A second research project (Mod 1) was for an additional $28,752, (completed). 
  11. (PI) CRI, Tire Test Facility Proposal Study to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a cutting edge tire testing facility at UNC Charlotte $5,000, (and completed).