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I’ve been an avid sailor since 1981. I started on Hobie Cats, first just messing around the lake and ocean, and then doing some racing. In college I started crewing on J24s, and got really hooked on racing. Over the years I’ve raced a lot on a number of boats, primarily on a J27, Highlander and catamarans. In the last three years I’ve gotten involved with the NC Community Sailing and Rowing Center, sailing Sunfish and Flying Scots. Most of my time on the water is racing, but if it is blowing hard I still love to get out and fly around on the catamaran.

One try down

Made an X-to-C run with Josh back in April, but we came up short. The wind strength was great, but the direction was wrong. The wind was from the southwest, forecast to switch to the west. It never went west. … Continue reading

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X-ta-C Cup

The weather is looking good for attempts at breaking the X-ta-C record, which is the Lake Norman Course that measures the fastest sailboats on the lake. The current record holder for the 12-mile course from marker X to marker C … Continue reading

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